How to be an Alpha Male

Have you ever know someone who was just good at everything, when they enter the room they just fill it with their presence, they are self confident and they always know the answer to everything. I could go on with this list of things that people like that are different/better from the average guy, they have something about them that makes them stand out. For the sake of this blog I will call people like that the Alpha Males.

The alpha is the first, the best, the strongest, the leader. The alpha male is not just a social alpha or the leader of his group, he is master of himself first and foremost, he lives his life the way he wants to, no one is telling him what to do, he earns his respect with the way he acts and things he does.

Being an alpha male is not as much a physical thing as it is a state of mind and you attitude. It is a way of thinking, a way of acting and handling everything around you.

You must first master yourself

In order for other people to recognise you as a alpha male you must first master yourself. You cannot expect others to respect you are just a lazy spoiled boy. If you don’t take responsibility for your actions and always find excuses why you fail you are just an immature boy who has yet to learn how to become the master of your self and your life.

Mean what you say and DO what you say

If you say you will wake up at 6am and workout before you go to work but than press snooze for 15 times you are just a lazy spoiled boy and a spoiled boy is not an alpha male so stop acting like that.

Be yourself no matter what

The one thing alpha males stand out for is that they know who they are, they are not trying to impress anyone and to be honest they really don’t need to. If you act differently to impress someone you are not an alpha male. Be confident with yourself and that will impress people the most. Just imagine how it looks like if someone tries to please you in every way, does it make him look good or silly.