High protein foods are good for your heart

“You gotta be kidding” is probably the first thing that will cross your mind upon reading the title of this post. And you’re probably right. After all, we think of meat, eggs and cheese as some of the primary sources of protein. And they have another thing in common: they can also happen to be bad for the heart.

A report from Harvard Medical School, however, says that there is such a thing as a high-protein diet that’s heart-healthy at the same time. United Press International gives us the details:

Traditional high-protein diets are heart killers, clogging the arteries with saturated fat from meat, eggs and cheese, but, according to a report from Harvard Medical School, a large study shows that there is such a thing as a heart-healthy, high-protein diet that can lower harmful LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

The diet, described in Healthy Eating: A Guide to the New Nutrition, offers a healthful alternative from the several studied in the OmniHeart trial.

The heart-healthy, high-protein diet included foods from both animal and plant sources that are lower in saturated fat. Along with chicken and fish, dietary sources of protein include nuts, beans, whole-grain cereals and fat-free dairy products.

Sorry, but steak, eggs and cheese still aren’t on the menu for a healthy heart.

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