Jogging can hold back the years

We know that exercise really brings good things to our physical health. But this new finding brings in another benefit exercise gives especially to those who are trying to defy aging.

Jogging or cycling through middle age can actually delay ageing by 12 years. Researchers claim that taking a regular exercises could help stop the biological clock and delay ageing by up to 12 years.

Keeping yourself fit by jogging or cycling through middle age and beyond can slow down or even reverses the decline in muscle power, balance, and coordination in later life.

Maximum aerobic power in men falls by up to half between ages 20 and 60 without regular workouts. When this happens, older men and women will find simple everyday activities “intolerably fatiguing.”

In order to address this, cardiovascular training is recommended. Such activities (jogging and cycling) strengthen the heart and lungs and it would compensate for the onset of middle age, the time when the body is losing the capacity to use oxygen and generate energy.

Researchers found that a relatively high-intensity aerobic exercise over a relatively long period of time could boost maximal aerobic power by 25 percent.

However, a recent survey revealed that one-quarter of men and women do not take moderate or vigorous physical activity. This is why health problems are very likely to take place because people take exercise for granted.

The findings also added that regular jogging or cycling can cut the risk of health problems such as diabetes, depression, and heart disease. It also reduces the chances of premature death from any illness.

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