Timid guys die younger

A study conducted over 30 years on thousands of men showed that timid guys are 50 percent more likely to die from a heart disease or stroke.

Doctors have no idea why this happens, but they admit that shy men are more likely to be stressed out when they encounter unfamiliar situations.

The study was backed by Elsevier medical publishers. The figures released by the research are said to suggest that it may be the best interest for men to go out to the pub, go dancing or do dinner with friends. Their life might depend on it.

The health of more than 2,000 men was tracked by the researchers from Northwestern University for over three decades. The study started with subjects ages 40 and 55 who filled in questionnaires designed to set their levels of sociability. By the end of the study 60 percent of the subjects died and the analysts compared the questionnaire results with the death certificate details. The result of the analysis shows that that there is a clear link between shyness and heart disease.

Findings pointed out that the shyest men were 50 percent more likely to have died of a heart attack or stroke than most outgoing men. However, there was no link between sociability and other diseases. It isn’t clear though why unsociable men are likely to have heart problems.

One possibility is that shy men lead more sheltered lives and so they find new and unfamiliar situations more stressful. Also, the part of the brain that controls the day-to-day processes of the heart may also be involved in setting personality traits.

Lastly, research at Glasgow University has also suggested that men who are in touch with their feminine side are less likely to have heart attacks. It found that ‘new men’ who expressed their feelings were healthier than those who bottled up their emotions.

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